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This project begins reflecting about why people move around the world, why we feel the need to change location and find ourselves in places different from our everyday lives.  Every year, millions of people arrive in Tenerife in what is a massive movement of people  , but what are  we all looking when coming here ?  Inmediately , the obvious reason : The Sun . But is this answer that obvious? What do we mean when we say that we go looking for the sun ? What does this mean ? what impulses are we following ? what narratives are behind this desire ? does it have anything to do with the impulses that other creatures of earth follow ?  ….

By following these questions we find ourselves in an utopical  archeological endeavour which implies an exercise of self awareness and engagement and includes innumerable levels of discourses and actors. 

Our archeology  finds its site in a ruin , a tank that served to stock the result of millions of years of  stored solar energy and for some months will contain this  project that intends to produce  a collective reflection . The proposed apparatus  is not one to be contemplated but a tool to produce meaning , connections and questions. It will incorporate endlessly discourses , images and texts , simultaneously producing a common space and a map to navigate it .

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