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Idea: Isabel Gutierrez , Jorge Martín, Yukari Sakata

Coordinator : George Stamatakis

Creators: Takako Abe, Spuridoula Ashmakh, Ara Bogosian, Rafika Chawise, Konstantina Economou, Thomas Galatos, Stelios Kapetanakis, Maria Karakitsou, Konstantinos Kotsis,Odette Kouzou, Galini Lazani, Isabella Margara, Tatiana May Kallergi, Marianna Stefanitsi, Eleni Tsamadia, Antonis Vasilakis, Isabel Gutierrez , Yukari Sakata, George Stamatakis

Host: Athens School of Fine Arts

Nobody´s Place/Nowhere´s Map is a collaborative art project that seeks to explore situated or site  specific questions of crisis, resistance and becoming, through the creation of a political fiction that takes the shape of a multi-layered map in-the-making


The project´s point of departure is the recognition of the city of Athens as a space of encounter, a place where people coming from different backgrounds develop strategies to imagine and produce our common space collectively and relationally

MAPA COMBINADOmodificado.jpg
Atenas y texto.jpg

The text below and the city of Athens are the initial sites from which the map emerges. The two are sites to explore, to interrogate and to reconfigure collectively


Each creator is asked to choose a word from the text and then a place in the city that gives a situated meaning to the former. Then to think about other places that resonate with it.  Embodied encounters and conversations among creators across those places are the lived mediums that activate the process of co-construction of the map. Connections and resonances as well as tensions and antagonisms arise

palabras y lugarres.jpg
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