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As it occurs in wastelands , parks in London function as places that are preserved  from part of the processes in relation to space production that occur in the rest of the city. A feeling of freedom, related to the idea of being a fragment of nature in the city, is perceived. These places, in part preserved from the hegemony of the capitalistic dynamics, offer the support for the emergence of a variety of spatial practices. Among then , cruising . In it , the way the bodies move vary from the normal conventions. The straight line that characterises the movement in most public spaces in the city is changed into circularity. The speed of the walking varies in relation to desire. The path is a kind of language . The way you stop , where you stop, the distance between people  determines the way you are perceived and how you perceive others. The ideas of what you should do are blurred and the space is permanently in process of being created.  Each one brings an imaginary associated to the place and leaves with a modified one.  A strong sense of presence is perceived which translates in an intensification of the experience.  The space is constantly being produced in an endless series of  interactions of bodies and imaginaries. In a way, it could be perceived as an utopian place of endless possibilities for creation of otherness

The way I introduce myself in the context, as in anthropology or primatology is vital to the work. Although I am part of the process , the fact that I am extracting data, alters my position and role. Questions of acceptance and camouflage are raised as a consequence

The tool that I use for this project is an app called "Map my Walk" that is supposed to help you increase your physical condition by giving you information about your trainings.  It tracks your path  as well as your speed and your heart rate. Subverting its original purpose, I use it to register spatial language in a cruising site which provides me with a translation of the experience in the form of drawings

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