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The project proposes a hypothesis of evolution of the periurbna area west of Cordoba by means of a series of infraestructural transformations applied on wastelands. These transformations are implemented through devices which alter the original functioning of these infraestructures and foster the human colonization of the abandoned spaces of the territory. 

The different infrastructures and historical processes interweaved triggering sometimes the decline or crisis of the former ones, but they always contribute to the construction of the existing land. The project present an alternative interpretation of the territory, as a transformative tool for it, finding the appropriate scenario to do so in the studied abandoned areas. In each own realm, the infraestructures modify and multiply the capacities of the context and they give rise to diverse spontaneous processes. 

The transformed infrastructures are the vehicle, which is converted into a portable generator of services and implementer of the rest of infrastructures; the abandoned walls and property limits, which become seeds of temporary constructions and generators of clean energy; the reservoirs, which work as water providers, and the dikes, which become sewage systems.

The transformation is performed through a series of devices which adapt themselves to the noted infrastructures prompting a network of wastelands where new landscapes, aggregations and non-planned ways of living with a high progressive and transformative capacity are created. 

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